Saturday, February 2, 2008

The 7 Year Pitch(er)

It looks as though the Mets are gonna have to sell a CRAP LOAD of these jerseys in order to pay Johan over the next 7 years. Normally, I'd go nuts and deride the Yankees and their fans for spending this kind of scratch but its my very own Mets who have won American Idol - The Fiscally Irresponsible Edition this season. Bearing this in mind, I will be the Ultimate Hypocrite here and applaud Omar Minaya, the Wilpons (and Jeff Wilpon's funky hair) for taking the Mets to the next level. Yes the money is obscene and yes, no single player is worth that kind of money (thanks for CONSTANTLY reminding me of that, Dad) but if the Metsies didn't pay it, someone else would have.

So, this time I'll turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to spending so much escarole. However knowing me, I'll get really pissed the next time the Yankees do it.

By the way, the mailman was nice enough to deliver one of these cards to me this afternoon. I've decided that next Christmas, he definitely gets a tip!! Last year, I gave him a McDonald's gift card. My pal Anthony pointed out that McDonald's gift cards are "Gifts you give to a retard". Oops!

Mine is #'d to 999 so I'm hoping I can schedule a picnic for me and the other 998 Kane loving hockey fans out there. I wonder how much potato salad I'll need to feed that many people??

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