Friday, January 18, 2008

Bowman- Home of the Rookie Card!

So I just finished busting my 2 baseball boxes (2005 Bowman DP&P, 2006 Bowman) I will just hit you with the highlights:

Chien-Ming Wang
Alex Gordon First Card refractor
Ryan Garko RC
Ryan Spilborghs First Card
Ross Ohlendorf FC
Joe Mauer
Alex Gordon FC
Jed Lowrie FC
Jay Bruce FC
Andrew McCutcheon Gold FC
Mr. Wang again. (Wang, its a parking lot!!)
Melky Cabrera FC
Jordan Schafer FC chrome
Jordan Schafer FC
Robinson Cano chrome
Micah Owings FC chrome
Troy Tulowitzki FC chrome
Troy Tulowitzki FC
Russ Martin FC
Hanley Ramirez
Craig Hansen RC
Justin Morneau
Justin Verlander
Ryan Garko FC
Chase Headly FC
Ryan Garko FC chrome
Delmon Young chrome
Fausto Carmona
Jordan Schafer FC Gold
Andrew McCutcheon FC

I really have high hopes for Jay Bruce if he cracks the Cincy lineup this season. Considering Cincy traded Josh Hamilton to make room for him, I'd say they have high hopes for him as well. In fact, there are 4 or 5 guys who could make the club out of spring training or join the team sometime this season (Joey Votto, Bobby Cueto, Homer Baily, Drew Stubbs, Devin Mesoraco) so things are looking up for the Reds (as long as they don't do anything stupid and trade all of their young talent for Joe Blanton or Eric Bedard. ) Speaking of stupid, how stupid does Twins GM Bill Smith (a fake name if I've ever heard one) think Omar Minaya is?? Granted Omar won't win any Mensa awards, but does Smith really think Minaya will tear apart the whole farm system for Johan Santana?? Smith or Jones or whatever alias he's living under this week should join us here in the real world and forget about getting Jose Reyes or Fernando Martinez in any deal. The Mets have already offered alot for a guy who may or may not be injured and will be a FA after the 2008 season. I mean Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey, Delois Guerra, and Phil Humber aren't exactly chicken feed. What the heck else does Smith want, Aaron Heilman's well built aunt from Cleveland?? As a Met fan, as a baseball fan, as a guy who just wants this Santana nonsense OVER WITH, I implore you, please make a move Mr. Smith (if that in fact is your real name!!)

On the NHL side of the fence, I should have my 6 boxes of SPX in my hot little hands tonite (as long as UPS cooperates.) I also picked up a few boxes of 2006 Fleer Flair Showcase hockey as well. I'll post those hits over the long weekend!!! Although the design is a tad busy, I really like the SPX product line, especially in hockey. Good player selection, good inserts and you get 18 packs to a box. I don't know about you but when I have a 36 pack box staring back at me, I usually need a Snickers (clever product placement!!) and an I.V. by pack 22.

Here's to hoping I land a few Sid's for the old PC.

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