Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mixed Emotions

I guess this is one of those bad news/good news situations you hear about on the tv. The Rangers, my Rangers, got slapped around by the Pens last night 4-1. Malkin notched a hat trick and the Blueshirts played like they were coached by someone named Isiah. The good news part of the story is that Sid got 2 nice assists and now leads the entire Solar System in helpers. I collect Sid so naturally I'm happy when he adds to his already-lofty numbers. I also managed to grab a few packs of 2007 UD Black Diamond Hockey cards this weekend and I busted them during the Ranger game. The only decent card for the PC was a quad diamond Messier. Honestly, I never understood the allure of Black Diamond, I don't care for it much as a product (Ok, I did pull a Malkin rc and a ruby Ovechkin out of last year's edition but I was much younger and impressionable back then) and I still don't get the whole single, double, triple and quad diamond nonsense. I got 6 boxes of SPX coming from my pal Chris at (yes kids, this is a plug) : Cardsinfinity. Chris is a great guy, has competitive prices and does some of the best box breaks on Youtube. I've always been a fan of SPX and I hope my luck with it continues. I also took a rather expensive shot on a box of 07 Bowman Sterling Baseball since the checklist didn't suck too bad.

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