Sunday, January 20, 2008

Consistency...a bad thing??

Well, at least my Rangers are consistent. They consistently commit stupid penalties which are consistently followed up by power play goals. Maybe its too early to panic (then again, Ranger fans have been known to panic in September), but I viewed this weekend's home and home series against the Bruins as must-wins. To be fair, they did get totally screwed on a Jagr interference penalty late in OT, but overall they played as if they really didn't need their jocks.

This just in: Zdeno Chara is a monster!!!! He's a manimal...he's an android of love (ok, I went too far with that one)

I will definitely be opening some SPX hockey, Fleer Flair Showcase hockey and Bowman Sterling Baseball today so check back later for the thrilling conclusion.

Since tomorrow is Martin Luther King's birthday and since I'm a supporter of civil rights (especially when civil rights nets me a day off from work), I will be exercising those rights by trolling the aisles of Target in search of some tasty baseball and hockey packs and blasters. I'm in the mood for Topps 52 Rookies and Bowman Heritage, but with Target, you just never know how well or poorly you'll do. But doggonit, I'm coming home with something!!! I owe Dr. King that much!!!

Bonus, my local Target is near a mall and you know what that means...FOOD COURT!!!!!

Finally, I was sad to see Sid get hurt the other night and I hope he makes a quick return to the ice. I read some disturbing posts on a few of the hockey card boards I visit and I have to say that I wish some folks would just get a life. I read so many classless posts filled with utter glee over Crosby's injury, it made me ashamed to be a fan and a collector.

Hey, for those of you in the US, have a safe holiday tomorrow and oh yeah...GO GIANTS!!!!!!

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