Monday, January 14, 2008

Recent Box Breaks

So last week I celebrated my 21st birthday (for the 20th time) and my family (in full support of my card addiction. Silly enablers..hehehe.) surprised me with a few boxes of 2007 UD Trilogy Hockey cards. Overall I liked the product although I could easily see myself living a perfectly happy life without those Frozen In Time plexiglass (is that what they're made of?) inserts. They really don't work well as hockey cards and won't be going into the PC. These things weigh a ton so now I'm the proud owner of a Jaromir Jagr Frozen in Time paperweight (its nice that I could find a use for Jaromir on my desk. Tom Renney can't seem to find any use for him on the ice!). Ok, I digress. The rest of the cards look good and although the material samples used for the Honorary Swatches and Patches cards could be a bit larger, I thought Trilogy offered good value for the money (especially for me, considering I didn't pay for the boxes!)

By the way, I put this blog up a bit too late to do a "Best and Worst" of 2007 list so I will only offer this:

I hated, hated, hated the ghastly black-bordered design of Topps 2007 Baseball, Football and Basketball cards. I've seen the 2008 Baseball sell-sheet and I feel a bit better about this year's design.

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