Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I just received an email from ITG announcing their forthcoming product, Between the Pipes. As an avid hockey collector, I have to say that the lack of an NHL license is really beginning to cripple ITG and their product lines. Although I've liked their products in the past, O' Canada bored me to tears. After much anticipation, I was sorely disappointed with this years edition of Heroes and Prospects. I felt the card design was poor and the player selection (besides Tavares, Kane and Toews) was terrible. Moreover, after seeing the sell-sheet to Between the Pipes, I can honestly say that I wasn't very impressed with this offering either.

There are simply too many better options competing for my my hockey-card buying dollar than what ITG is currently offering. Their top secret, ultra high end product named Superlative promises to go where no card has gone before (both in price and design), but just how much farther can ITG go without an NHL license? One more thing, with most of the hot young players now having NHL licensed cards, who is gonna be the face of the ITG franchise? I mean, who are they gonna hang their hopes on to sell their products when John Tavares finally turns pro?


meadows boy said...

Enjoying the blog!

I am a hockey card collector in the UK, I collect Stephen Weiss autos and anything else I fancy! My team in the UK are the Nottingham Panthers.


Chuck said...

Great to hear!!! Please keep coming back for new content!!