Monday, January 14, 2008

Man Crush

If you wasted time and viewed my profile, you know I collect David Wright and Sidney Crosby cards. Recently, a friend accused me of having a "man crush" on them simply because they are the main focus of my personal card collection. While I admire their talents, I hesistate to refer to them as my "favorite players" or "idols" since I feel its pathetic and creepy for a middle aged man to have a 20-something dude as his "idol". Sure I'd like to meet them (not at the same time, that would be creepy and awkward) plus The Make-A-Wish Foundation rarely grants the wishes of people in their 40's. So I have come to the stark realization that I must admire them from afar (at least that's what the restraining order stipulates) and I've done this through collecting their cards. I don't do it for the money or resale value. In fact, alot of Sid's first year cards cost more than I care to spend (Shelling out $899 for an 05 SP Authentic Future Watch card takes a harmless hobby and turns it into a dangerous obsession in a hurry!). So mostly I have a few "rookie cards" and various base and inserts (autos, game used pieces, etc). I don't view my collecting habits as any type of "man crush". I collect these 2 players because I like matter what Freud or the Attorney General say!!!

One more thing...Forget Jessica Simpson, I wouldn't want to be Teen Idol Tony Romo today for all the oil rigs in Texas. Man the media is gonna savage this guy. And although he has a loveable stooge-like quality to him, Wade Phillips simply cannot win a big playoff game. The Cowboys players can rip Parcells all day long but the reality is that their 13-3 season under Grandpa Wade is totally meaningless now.

Ok, really the final thing...Rookie Joakim Noah was benched an extra game by his teammates. I guess Noah got into it with an assistant coach during practice and was benched one game by the head coach. Well, his teammates didn't think this was enough punishment so they voted to bench him for a SECOND game. Can you imagine screwing up bad enough so that NBA players (those noted paragons of virtue) feel you need to be punished?? It reminds me of the time drummer Steven Adler was booted from Guns and Roses for doing too many drugs. One more "incident" and Noah's card values will really go KER-PLUNK. Not that they were burning up the hot lists to begin with but, c'mon kid grow the hell up!!!

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