Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I usually won't waste my time (and yours) with golf because after Tiger Woods, who really cares? But I just have to marvel at how stupid some folks in the media are. How could Dave Seanor, the editor of GolfWeek magazine, green-light a cover that featured a hangman's noose?? After the media brushfire caused by the idiotic comments which got Golf Channel reporter Kelly Tilghman suspended for 2 weeks, how could anyone with a functioning cerebellum judge such an offensive image as being "provocative"?? Forget that aspect of it, why, oh why wouldn't you just let the issue die down and go away? I'm not a fan of pandering (especially to someone like Al Sharpton) but the publisher of GolfWeek was totally correct in firing Seanor if for nothing more than not having the common sense of a head of cabbage.

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